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Top 7 French winter skincare products

Pure Altitude skincare products

Okay I’ll admit it. I’m a skincare junkie. And because I live a stone’s throw from the French Alps, I know a thing or two about French winter skincare products. To be clear, French women focus on their skincare more than makeup. Walk into any French pharmacy and enjoy the most fabulous array of high quality skincare available. Here below are my absolute favorite French winter skincare products.

I’ve used these products numerous times and recommend them wholeheartedly (I have normal to dry skin). Some of these are available outside of France (I have provided links when possible), and some you will have to wait and pick up in France. If you are in Paris, visit my all-time favorite pharmacy for skincare on Rue du Bac.

Avene Revitalizing Nourishing cream

Ever since I discovered this cream a few years ago, I have not stopped using it all year round, not just in the winter. I’ve gifted Avene’s Revitalising Nourishing cream to numerous girlfriends and recommend it to everyone. It is divine. And by one of my all-time favorite French skincare brands, Avene.

Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion cream

Embryolisse is an independent, family-run French skincare brand that has been around more than 70 years. The brand is most famous for it’s best-selling moisturising cream used by makeup artists called Lait-Creme Concentre which I love (it’s been reviewed 18,000+ times on Amazon!). But my favorite Embryolisse cream for wintertime is the Filaderme Emulsion cream that is for dry or very dry skin. It is the perfect cream for cold, windy, wintery weather.

Embryolisse Eclat du Regard stick

This little magic pearl from Embryolisse looks like a mini chapstick, but it’s actually used to glide on the delicate skin under the eyes. And get this: it feels cold to the touch! I keep one in my purse to depuff my eyes, wake them up a bit after getting teary eyed from the cold and wind!

Pure Altitude Organic Cotton Edelweiss mask

Pure Altitude is a French skincare brand that comes from the Alp mountains. The company uses local flowers and plants to create natural products, many of which are perfect for winter weather. I have two favourites – the Micellar Flower Mousse (a cleanser) and the Organic Cotton Edelweiss mask. This is a pre-cut cotton sheet mask that is slipped on the face for about 15 minutes. The serum and product on the mask is meant to penetrate the skin, not be washed away. Pure heaven.

Labello lip balm

Labello is not actually French but a Swiss-German brand, and the European version of Chapstick. It is so moisturising and glides on the lips like a dream! Especially great on those days you are heading out on the slopes, sledding or just running errands on a freezing day. I keep one on my nightstand always. The refreshing and moisturising Hemp Seed Oil version is new.

Avene ultra-light 50+ SPF

From one of my favourite French skincare brands Avene comes an ultra-light SPF that is easy to put on after moisturiser to protect your skin from damaging sun…even in the winter. I use it daily regardless of the season. My other top choice for French skincare sunscreen is the Laroche Posay Light Fluid sunscreen. Both of these options are light and easy-to-use every day of the year.

La Rosee Moisturising Body Cream (with organic shea butter)

This is my go-to gift for women I love. Once they try this body cream, they are converts. Seriously, there is nothing more luxurious or comforting or moisturising then La Rosee’s body cream. This is a relatively new brand from the Lyon area focusing on natural and responsible skincare. Trust me, if you haven’t heard about the brand yet, you will soon. Amazing product. And for the quality (almost entirely organic, without the organic label yet) and luxury, seriously affordable (about 15 euros for 200 ml).

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