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French School Lunch Menu in 2022

French school lunch in 2020
French school lunch menu

What does a typical French school lunch menu in 2022 look like? Here is a look at a school lunch menu at a public elementary school in the Haute Savoie region of France for a week this October.

The daily French school lunch menu is split up into the following categories: first course, main course, vegetables, dairy course, dessert. In addition, you can read about “What do French school lunches look like in 2022” here.

During a typical week, all school menus in public elementary schools across the country will have a minimum of 50% local and/or organic products plus at least one fully vegetarian meal per week. Additionally, a nutritionist validates all menus. Furthermore, meat origins are labeled. Indeed, as of March 2022, France requires both restaurants and publicly run cafeterias (schools, hospitals for example) to label the origin of the meat served. And finally, all possible allergens are indicated as well.


First course: Grated carrot salad (organic)

Main course: Beef Bourgignon (local meat)

Vegetable: Cauliflower gratin (organic)

Dairy: chocolate yogurt


First course: Dried pork sausage served in slices

Main course: Casserole with fish (cod) and mashed potatoes

Dairy: Comte cheese (organic and local)

Dessert: Grapes (organic)


First course: Green salad (organic)

Main course: Tartiflette is a regional dish that includes potatoes, cheese, bacon and onions (local)

Dessert: Fruits (organic)


This is the vegetarian meal of the week.

First course: Lentil salad (organic)

Main course: Vegetarian pancakes

Vegetable course: Sweet potato mash

Dairy: Kiri cheese

Dessert: Kiwis (organic)


First course: cucumber salad (organic)

Main course: Couscous Mergez is made of spicy lamb sausage, vegetables and couscous grains.

Dairy: Goat’s cheese

Dessert: Fruit compote (organic)

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Photo credit Manon Girardin

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