French School Lunch

When an article I wrote about the French school cafeteria was shared several million times around the globe, I decided an in-depth look at the elementary school lunch program in France was necessary. What I found after visiting dozens of school cafeterias and interviewing those responsible for the lunch program, was that school lunch in France is not only a priority for parents of school-aged children but indeed an aspect of daily life that is discussed, debated and organized at all levels of French society: from the highest levels of political office, to locally elected officials, parent associations, healthcare and wellbeing experts, farmers and agricultural workers, culinary experts, teachers and more. French school lunch is key to a child’s education, wellbeing, culture and so much more. It is not just a quick break at noon for necessary calories.FRENCH SCHOOL LUNCH gives you an inside look into why and how the French serve gourmet lunches in the public school cafeteria. What do children eat? How do children eat? Lunch isn’t just a 15-minute rush through a line of snack-type food or heated frozen pizza and fries. Find out details of three and four-course lunches served with real plates and, very often, cloth napkins. But perhaps most important of all is WHY kids are served healthy and delicious school lunches. Why and how do elected officials, school administrators, parents and local businesses and organizations work together to produce a high standard in the public system? I tell you everything I have found out and more!

Page number: 130

Format: E-book

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